Monday, March 13, 2017

The Dragon Legacy 1.1 - A Pleasant Beginning

Well, hello there. Welcome to the Dragon Legacy, my new Sims 3 legacy that I truly, absolutely, unequivocally intend to finish! You might know me from my Game of Thrones-inspired legacy family, the Martins, but they sadly perished when I lost their save files, along with every other Sims 3 legacies or challenges I started in the past. Sad day. :( They were so close to the finish line too! But it's a new day and a new legacy founder to be dropped unceremoniously onto the largest lot in the lovely island town of Sunlit Tides.

"Crap, I knew I should've done better in uni."

Too late now, Andi. You've been selected to start a legacy, mwahaha. Meet Andromeda Dragon, our lovely founder. I've decided the theme for this legacy will be fandoms I'm a part of, things like Harry Potter or the aforementioned Game of Thrones. So Andi here is a bit of a nerd to go along with that.


Andi's traits are Socially Awkward, Bookworm, Ambitious, Computer Whiz, and Family-Oriented. Her LTW is to be a High-Tech Collector. See? Nerd! Her faves are Geek Rock (of course), hot dogs, and the color purple. Her sign is Virgo, like mine.

"What the frack is this?"

Look on the bright side, Andi. At least you have a lovely view! Anyway, I familyfunded Andi down to the required $1,800 simoleons. This is what she could afford to buy. Looks like it's gonna be a rough start. 

"I will not live on my lawn forever!"

That's the spirit, Andi. She gets a job in the science field, because she's a nerd like that.

"Nerds make the big bucks so STFU."

That's actually true. My boyfriend was a biology major, and he makes way more than I do as a librarian. *grumble grumble* 

Andi can't reproduce asexually so she goes on the hunt for a spouse. Most of the townies she's met so far in Sunlit Tides have been women, but this one looks promising. Oh hey, it's Daniel Pleasant! He's not technically a townie but whatevs. Pinstar lifted that rule (although technically not for founders, shhhhh). I'm gonna try to (mostly) follow the rules and score this legacy. We'll see how it goes. 

"I really like you, Daniel. Are you interested in starting a legacy with me?"

Andi has no game whatsoever.

"You're cute and all, Andi, but I actually have a wife. And legacy life? Hahahahahaha. Bye."

Poor Andi. 

Oooh, Andi, behind you! He's super cute. His name is Kai and....of course, he's taken too. WTF!

Andi: "So does this mean I don't have to be a legacy founder? :D"


Hahaha, the perils of being a redhead in Sunlit Tides. I guess I really didn't think that through too well. Sorry, Andi.

"It's ok. I'll soothe my pain with this delicious rainbow icee."

Andi met a townie named Gilberto at the Summer Festival. He's pretty cute. But they didn't really hit it off, and of course Gilberto has a girlfriend. Dammit, Story Progression, you've only been active for like 2 sim days. You're working a little too well sometimes! 

But lo and behold, Daniel Pleasant invites Andi to his house for a pool party.

"Daniel! I thought you'd never want to see me again, me being a legacy founder and all and also currently the shade of a lobster." 

"I feel really bad about before, Andi. I didn't mean it. I actually really like you."

"But what about your wife?"

"We're separated. I can't get you out of my mind, Andi, no matter how hard I try."

"Is that why you invited me over here for a pool party when you don't even have a pool? To see me half-naked?"

"No comment." 

Nice. Real classy there, Daniel. But it's true. His wife was nowhere to be found! Uhhh, finder's keepers and all that right? 

Also, LOL at all the red going on in this picture. 

"Daniel, are you ever gonna take off those ridiculous sunglasses? We're inside."

"I can't, babe. If I take them off, I'll be blinded by your beauty."


Someone looks pleased with himself! But he's actually really handsome underneath those oversized shades. 


"I ate too many hot dogs at the summer festival."

Yeah, I'm sure that's it. :P 

"Daniel! I have a surprise for you. I'm pregnant!"

"That's nice, babe."

Oh, he's gonna be a great founder spouse, I can already tell. 

"So Daniel, what do you think about moving in to my lawn and helping me raise this baby? I can't start this legacy on my own."

"Does that mean we get to woohoo every day?"


"Then sure, why not?"


Daniel brought $20,000 with him so I built them a tiny house. This is why Pinstar doesn't want you moving in playable sims during the first gen, but I've started so many legacies, I deserve these extra simoleons, dammit! 


"What? I think I look pretty sexy."

Meet Daniel Pleasant. Commitment Issues (no wonder he broke up with his wife), Flirty, Great Kisser, Athletic, and Charismatic. With a LTW of HEARTBREAKER.

"Heh heh heh."

I'm gonna murder you. 

"Hey, Andi makes my 2nd girlfriend. Only 8 more to go. :D"


Poor oblivious Andi. She has no idea what she's gotten herself into. Also, WTF is that?

"It's a sprite! Her name is Deidre. She's future tech, for my LTW, remember?"

That means Andi here will have to make several trips to the future. Her LTW involves maxing the advanced technology skill and owning a food synthesizer, dream pod, windcarver, and jetpack. That's gonna take a while. >_<

But poor Andi can't just focus on her LTW. She has to advance in the science career so she and Daniel don't have to live in a hovel for the rest of their lives. That means gardening, which I've never really liked, but oh well. At least they'll have good food ingredients. 

To begin work on her LTW, Andi meets the time traveler from the future. I forget his name, Damn, we should've found you a babymaker from the future, Andi. Missed opportunity. Maybe another gen down the line! 

"Hello in there, nooboo! I'm your daddy. I can't wait to meet you."

Stop it. Stop being cute. I see right through you, Daniel Heartbreaking Pleasant! 

"Shhhhh, I think he said something."

Ugh. At least Daniel has really good genetics. I'm excited to see what their baby will look like. 

Speaking of which! 

"Ow ow ow, get it out!"

That's where I'll end this chapter, as Andi takes herself to the hospital for the birth of generation 2!
Will it be a girl or a boy?
Will Daniel Pleasant actually make a good father?
Will he cause all sorts of shenanigans with his awful LTW?
Until next time. :D 

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