Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Disney Legacy - 3.2 Chief of Staff

Welcome back to the Disney Legacy! Last time Nick joined the Renegades, Cash was a flirty jerk but still married Bell, Bell got pregnant, Nick electrocuted Fantasia's ghost and met lots of hot babes, Marian was winning at life and being the happiest sim of all time, and the Disneys let their geek flags fly. On with the show! 

Ooh, who's she? She's really pretty.

Nick: "Her name is Viviana."

Dang, she even has a gorgeous name! 

Nick: "So...this position has potential..."

PG-rated, I said! 

Nick: "All those other girls were cute and all but none of them really compares to Hayden."

Hayden was Nick's childhood friend and a member of the Kids' Club.

Nick: "I'm gonna just casually move my arm like this...And she didn't even notice. Nailed it!"

Hayden: "Boys are so dumb. But cute."


Mari: "Aww, my youngest is finally having his first kiss. I thought it was never gonna happen."

Nick: "Mom!!!" 

Hayden: "Lol, I like your mom." 

Hayden is the daughter of Arun and Jasminder Bheeda. 

It's funny and realistic that teens can now mess around, but do you guys really have to do it in your grandma's bed??

Nick: "YOLO!" 

Nick: "So Hayden, what do you think about joining a legacy family and having kids and being together forever?"

Hayden: "Sounds good to me."

These are just promise rings. They're still teens for now. 

But I decided to give Hayden a slight makeover! It's still in keeping with her Indian heritage though. I think she is gorgeous. She and Nick are gonna have some drop dead gorgeous kids, lol. 

Nick decided to take his new girlfriend on an actual date to this swanky lounge in San Myshuno. 

The date went very well. Another gold medal for me. :)

Lol at all the old dudes hanging out in the lounge. I like to think they're diehard bachelors just living the life. 

Nick and Hayden's isn't the only romance though. Marilex is still kicking! And they are just as lovey-dovey as ever. 

When not being electrocuted by ungrateful grandchildren, Fantasia can usually be found playing with the toys. Never change, Fantasia. <3 

Nick: "Is that guyliner? And those eyebrows with that jacket? Ew!"

Nick has too much fun making enemies. 

Nick: "He's trying too hard to be Goth. I can't not make fun of him."

Wolfgang: "Yeah, well, your face!"

Nice comeback there. 

Justina, why so angry? I have no idea why she showed up like this to Nick's birthday party, but this is Robin's daughter and Nick's cousin. 

Leticia, Tag's daughter, is also all grown up and also angry for some unknown reason. 

Leticia: "We're pissed cuz we're the children of SPARES."

Fair enough. That's her dad Silas in the hilarious glitzy party outfit, lmao. 

Nick: "Hmm, I wish for a ton of cool, hard cash."

You don't have a fortune aspiration. :P By the way, this is the first time I threw a real birthday party, can you tell? The whole family showed up. There's Tag and Silas on the left. In the back you can see Robin, Justina (barely), Hayden, and wayyy in the back is Bell. That's Judy throwing confetti in the foreground. Robin never brings along his wife Melina (who is an elder now) or maybe I just never invite her, oops. 

Nick: "Still fabulous! And I really love food now, ok?"

Nick became a Foodie! 

Hayden was much younger than Nick, but I decided to age her up anyway so they can be the same age.

That is the face of a sim who knows they just lost years of their life. Sorry, girl. You look amazing if it's any consolation. 

Also, what is with the weird staring contest between Bell and Nick? lol

Bell: "You're heir. I kinda resent you for that."

Nick: "Haters gon' hate." 

Nick decided his birthday party was the best opportunity to propose. Hayden was overjoyed to accept. Pretty soon we'll be on to generation 4, holy plumbob. 

Alex making a toast to his son means another gold medal for me. Seriously parties are so easy. I'm always reading how simmers find getting gold medal parties and weddings a challenge, but it's not that hard. I almost did run out of time for the toast though. 

Aww, Alex. He's at the end of his lifebar already, butttt.....

He just completed the Bodybuilder aspiration so that gives him the trait of Long-Lived, and he did gain a few extra days to his life. :) Good job!

Alex: "That was hard work. Can I retire now?"

Yup, since you won't have time to max out your career anyway. Alex retired at Athletic career level 7, pro Bodybuilder. :) 

Nick asked Hayden to move in, and she agreed. That's when we found out her aspiration is Soulmate, aww. Her traits are Geek, Lazy, and EVIL. Nick, she is perfect for you!

Nick: "I know." 

Anyway, this date is required for Hayden's aspiration. 

Nick and Hayden aren't the only ones having fun though. It was Ghost Night at the bar so Mari and her BFF sis Tag decided to head down for some ghostly shenanigans. I love how close these two still are to each other. 

Mari: "I'm gonna kick your ass!"

Tag: "Ha! As if!" 

 This just in: Hayden is gorgeous.

Hayden: "Too. Much. Yellow."

Yellow looks good on you, though.

This cute little patient is Gemma Disney, Judy's daughter! 

Gemma: "Hi, Gramma. Why are you so young still?

Mari: "Holy plumbob, I am a grandma aren't I?"


There was a plague outbreak thing at the gym. Perfect place for it. That's exactly where I'd collapse too, lol. 

This cute little girl is Carissa, Bell's daughter with Cash! Don't take after your dad now, ok? *cough* 


Frick yeah, I'm pretty sure that's the first career I've maxed in this game. They can be so hard to max before a sim dies, for reals. Anyways, yay Mari! 

Marian: "And before I even age into an elder. I'm awesome, aren't I?"

Yes! And that is where I'll leave you for now. Until next time. :) 

The Disney Legacy - 3.1 Much Drama

Welcome back to the Disney Legacy! Last time Bell got rejected, Marian was hilariously young having just aged into an adult, Judy became a young adult and married Jaxton Emerson, they got pregnant almost right away, Alex became the world's youngest looking elder, Bell became a young adult, and Nick became a suave-looking teenager. 

Bell suffered through Skyler's unflirty rejections, but Cash Childers had been her friend since she was a little girl. She began to look at him in a different light. Surely he would not reject her advances? 

Bell looks so nervous. 

So far, so good!

Bell: "You've been my best friend forever, Cash, but now I think of you as more than a friend. Would you be my boyfriend?"

I love how super surprised sims look when getting kissed for the first time, haha. 

Bell and Cash are now officially a couple! However, that is when things started going awry again, and it's all my fault. I got too much in a rush and...

Rejected again! I'm so sorry, Bell.

Bell: "Getting rejected is the story of my life. :'(" 

I promise things will turn out better soon.

Even though he rejected her proposal, Cash had no problem engaging in other, erm, activities. Typical man! 

Bell: "Why do guys always seem to change into glasses when putting on their PJs?"

I know right?  But let's just say that this bunch of male sims aren't necessarily the sharpest tools in the shed. 

Cash: "My tool is just fine!"

Ew, let's keep this PG-rated ok? 

One of the first things Nick decided to do as a teen was join a club. Here he is with the Renegades. He has to impress them enough to secure an invite. Joining the club seems to be a pretty good idea too as there are a few good-looking spouse candidates. 

Don't look so miffed, Nick, you're literally surrounded by hot babes.

Nick: "Hot babes love the strong, silent type."

If you jut your lip out any further it's gonna get stuck that way. 

See what I mean by hot babes? Unfortunately two of out three of these ladies are full on adults already, way too old. But Morgan Fyres on the right is a young adult. Also, the woman in the middle reminds me of Kaylynn Langerak, but she's not, lol. 

Morgan Fyres is on FIYAH! 

Morgan: "That was so lame. Stop before you embarrass yourself."

Back at the homestead, Bell was having way more luck this time around!

Cash: "Hmm, I guess this is appropriately shiny enough. It will do. I accept your proposal, Bellwether Disney." 

CASH, wtf are you doing? 

Cash: "Well, well, well aren't you a fine specimen of womanhood?"

Your fiancee is behind you!!!

Bell: "Stop flirting with my sister on our wedding day!"

Such drama! And Cash is such a douche flirting with Judy. Poor Bell. First she gets rejected multiple times by different sims then her own fiancee can't even stay faithful on their own wedding day. 

This breaks my heart. Bell asked Judy to leave. It was the only way to stop Cash from flirting with her, as he doesn't live in the household and so isn't under my illustrious control. But damn you, Cash, coming between sisters like this! It's not right. No man should come between sisters.

Cash: "I like this view..."

Stop before I murder you. I can get a point for that, you know! 

Judy: "It's all right, Bell. I'll go. I just hope things between you and Cash work out."

Judy didn't flirt back that I could see. This was all Cash. -_- 

Against my better judgment, the wedding proceeded. Nick looks just as apprehensive as I feel.

Nick: "If he hurts my sister again I will kick his ass all the way to Shang Simla." 

Oh plumbob I hope this works out, especially since I will be reinstalling the MC Story Progression mod soon, when it is released for free. 

Nick: "I've got a bad feeling about this."

Me too. :'( 

But since Nick is the heir he can't be the only one without a girlfriend / potential spouse. I forget this lovely young lady's name, but she came to the wedding and Nick promptly invited her inside. 

You better shape up, Cash. I'm watching you! Always watching!

Cash: "Yeah, like that's not creepy or anything." 

Bell seems appropriately apprehensive and concerned about being knocked up. 

Bell: "I just hope I don't have twins like Judy. What if Cash leaves me for another sim?"

Poor Bell. She's always had such rough luck. :( 

Nick: "Heh heh."

This is amusing. Apparently ghosts can still get electrocuted. Hey, Nick's gotta work on his mischief somehow, and our poor founder makes an easy target.

Nick: "She's already dead. It's not like my being mean is gonna hurt her."

He's kinda got a point. Also, dat butt. O_o 

It's Elsa Bjergsen!

Nick: "Hitting girls is how you show you like them right?"

Um, not exactly, but Elsa here seems to like it. 

This other lovely young lady is Billie Jang. Nick met Elsa and Billie when they were all in the Kids' Club together. 

But it's not all fun and games. Nick has to make some enemies too. 

Nick: "Ugh, chinstraps are never! Get your atrocious facial hair out of our house." 

Marian is always so happy. She's seriously the happiest sim I think I've ever had.

Mari: "I love my life, and I love my family. :)"


She will never not be adorable and sweet.

Mari: "In a few more promotions, I'll be Chief of Staff!" 

Nick: "How dare Uncle Silas have you and your brother when he's married to Aunt Tag? You are the product of SIN." 

This is Isabella Maloney, one of Silas's other kids. Her brother is Moshe Maloney. We met him when he was a kid. 

Speaking of kids, these adorable toddlers are Judy's twins! On the left is Gemma, and on the right is her twin brother Wendell. <3 

Judy: "Kids are overrated. I prefer my voodoo doll."

The Comic Con Geek Festival thing rolled into town. You can kinda see Marian playing Blic-Bloc. 

Pretty much the whole family showed up and had a lot of fun. 

Speaking of fun, I'll leave you with this adorable family photo. It's just the three of them right now as both Judy and Bell have moved out and started their own families. Soon it will be Nick's turn! Until next time. :) 

Alex: "I'm covered in spots. :("