Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Dragon Legacy 1.3 - Love Is In the Air

Welcome back to the Dragon Legacy! We left off with the triplets becoming toddlers so here's an adorable picture of Lily and James. <3 

Speaking of toddlers, we're about to have one less in the household, thank plumbob. It's insane taking care of so many toddlers at once! Andi has had hardly any time to work on her LTW or career. 

Really?? Luckily, no one was harmed by the first birthday cake fire of the legacy. Daniel was on hand to extinguish the flames. He does have some uses after all, although he's usually fanning more flames than putting them out, am I right?

Here's little Sirius all grown up. I'm still not sure how I feel about his looks. He's cuter than he was as a toddler at any rate, but those lips of his are just so odd looking. 

His imaginary friend grew up too. Her name is Buddy. I think it's a girl. She sounds like she has a girl's voice. 

Aww, a "family" photo. Luckily, Andi no longer despises Daniel. They remain friends despite all of Daniel's dalliances, but Andi is determined to find love elsewhere. 

The spring festival is just the place to cheer our founder up. She begins with the kissing booth, which was attended by a very handsome sim indeed, although he barely looks out of high school. 

Gilberto's back! He's got the moves all right, but I'm kinda getting a Daniel 2.0 vibe from him. It's probably the sunglasses. Beware men in sunglasses, Andromeda! 

"Will I ever find love? I'm not getting any younger! :("

We'll find you someone, Andi. She just became a full adult and added some fine lines to her face. :/

D'awww, Sirius likes playing with his younger brother James, although perhaps sitting in a puddle of potty water is not the most hygienic place to play Peek-a-Boo! 

Girlfriend #5 is in the bag. 

And just in time too, ahahahaha. Saves Daniel the trouble of breaking up with her I guess.

Daniel: "This is why I date grandmas, see?"

Urgh, looks like he's getting started on another grandma right now. 

Old Lady: "Please, don't take me yet! I haven't gotten to woohoo with this handsome young man!"

Ew. Also, yay Sirius gets to witness his first death, and of one of his dad's many girlfriends. That's not traumatic at all. 

The moment I've been waiting for has finally arrived! No more triplet toddlers! Lily is up first, since she's the eldest. 

And she grows up cross-eyed of course. 

Here she is after a makeover. Much better! She her traits. 

This is Hermione post-makeover. I think she's adorable. I love the combination of her auburn hair and darker skin. She her traits. 

Finally this handsome young man is James Dragon. I think he's freaking adorable. He became...

Remember Martin Pepper? Well he's back, and he's ready to make our poor lonely founder a happy sim at last. 

Daniel: "I'm glad she's finally found someone. She deserves it."

That's very decent of you, Daniel. I guess I won't murder you after all. :)

There's a super cute sim underneath those glasses! Yeah, more glasses, I know right? But I guess Sunlit Tides is very...well, sunlit, rofl. And oh boy, Martin looks so young! Andi is definitely a cougar. XD

Time for Sirius to become an angsty teen! 

His whole family was there to celebrate as he grew up into a truly unfortunate outfit and hair. 

Much better. Those lips though. Still. I will try very hard not to refer to Sirius as Fishlips. Very, very hard, I swear.

Poor guy, I actually do like him. He has a really good set of traits. He his traits. 

Andi: "Martin Pepper, will you break up with your young wife and leave behind your infant son to become my husband and make me the happiest sim in the world?"

Martin: "Holy plumbob, of course I will, Andromeda!"

Oops. We're just as bad as Daniel it seems. Sorry, Martin. We'll invite over your son when he's old enough to play with the Dragon kids. 

And with that Martin Pepper becomes Martin Dragon! And he is much younger than Andi, like halfway through YA, but that's ok. He only brings in about $5k simoleons. He and Andi don't intend to have any kids. Four plus Martin's son from his previous marriage is enough. 

Here is Martin post-makeover. He is seriously cute. Where were you two chapters ago, Martin?? Oh yeah you were still a teen, haha. Anyway, his traits are .... and his LTW is to be a Professional Author. He's going to take a self-employed job in writing, and honestly I don't intend for him to do much besides make Andi happy, hahaha. I'm not completely evil to my sims after all. 

And that's it for this chapter! Next chapter might be the last chapter of the founding gen. I'm not entirely sure how I will choose an heir yet. I'm either gonna use a randomizer or just pick my favorite. I've never done a legacy where I get to choose the heir so we'll see. 

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