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Disney Legacy - 2.6 Grim Tidings

Welcome back to the Disney Legacy! Last time Bellwether made a friend, Judy grew up mischievous, the house got a makeover, Judy got a boyfriend named Jaxton, Silas was potentially a big cheater but still got married to Tagalong, and Marilex continued to be adorable. On with the show! 

Speaking of adorable...Nick loves to talk now. Look at him pontificating on something. Marian is a good mom too. She's always taking care of him. 

Well don't just stand there you guys! Someone put it out! Bell managed to set the science station on fire. Alex eventually put it out though so it's all good. 

Um, I don't think that's sanitary, Nick.

Nick: "Hehehe." 

Look who it is! It's Robin's wife, Melina Dickerson.

Marian: "Hi Melina, don't worry, I'm gonna fix you right up."

Spoiler: She didn't. The treatment failed. Oops! Sorry Melina. 

Oh no. :(

Fantasia: "In the bathroom, really? I should go out with more dignity than this!"

Everyone was home to witness the founder's passing, meaning they all tried to squeeze into the bathroom. You can just see his arm but little Nick is standing right behind Grim, who..

Grim: "Dammit, your house still sucks. Get me out of this stupid door." 

Alex: "Why is my face numb??"

Maybe because you're sticking your nose right into Death, literally. 

Grim: "*sigh* I hate this family. Move child, I have to reap your grandmother's soul." 

Rest in peace, Fantasia Disney. You were an amazing founder. You left behind an excellent family. Fantasia achieved her aspiration of Painter Extraordinaire and retired from the artist career at level 8. She will be sorely missed. 

Oh my plumbob, look at poor little Nick. He's too young and innocent to come face to face with Death already! 

Oh good plumbob, kill me now. This is too much. He's too sad. I can't handle it. 

Nick: "Ware did Gram Gram go?"

Nooooooooo. :'( 

The kids manage to comfort each other though. Judy, the eldest, felt like it was her responsibility to be strong for her siblings.

Judy: "It's gonna be all right guys. Grandma will be back as a ghost before you know it." 

Bell: "Did you hear that, Nick? Gram Gram will be back soon."

Nick: "I want Gram Gram now!"


The world's saddest homework party. Luckily Nick was feeling better and tried to cheer his sisters up. 

The sadness continues. Marian paints what has to be the world's most pathetic painting ever.

Marian: "My mom was the amazing painter, not me. *sniffle*"

I know, poor thing. 

But life must go on, and it's time for Bellwether to become a teen! Sadly the only person in attendance is her mostly naked dad. 

With that outfit and those feather earrings, Bell grows up looking vaguely Native American. She rolls Geek, and her aspiration is Renaissance Sim. 

I give her a makeover more appropriate to her geeky, self-assured personality. :) I think she looks more like Marian and Judy looks more like her dad. 

But Marian wasn't the only one having a birthday. It's time to see what this little cutie will look like as a child. 

Alex: "Suddenly I am terrified. My youngest is growing up. This means I'm getting old."


Nick: "*extreme effort*" 

And here he is, still adorable! He rolls Klepto, and his child aspiration is Rambunctious Scamp. We'll see if he manages to complete it. But a cute little klepto, huh? I can work with that. :) Also I just realized but his trait kinda fits his namesake. Too bad sims can't have a con artist trait, haha. 

Nick: "Bell, you're such a nerd. Why read when you can swipe cool things?"

Bell: "Rude." 

Bell invites over her childhood friend Cash Childers, and by the look on her face it seems she has a bit of a crush on him. He grew up into quite the cute young man. Their friendship bar is almost maxed, but Cash left before Bell could engage in any serious flirtations. 

Why do all my ghosts come back from the dead pissed?

Alex: "Oh crap, I'm sorry. Whatever it is I did, I'm sorry. Don't hurt me."

Fantasia: "Hmph, what a wuss."

Alex: "I may be buff and manly, but I'm really a sensitive soul. See these heart boxers?" 

Meanwhile, Tag's daughter Leticia grew into a child. Isn't she cute? 

What are you doing, Nick? You don't have the social butterfly aspiration.

Nick: "Nope, I'm just awesome! Look at my cool new friends."

Nick created a club just for the kids of the neighborhood. He invited these two. The girl whose name I forget is pretty cute. Future spouse material? 

Robin is also at the park. That's not a creepy face at all. Unsurprisingly this lady left like a second after I took the photo, lol. Smooth, Robin, smooth 

Also at the park, Judy wastes no time putting a ring on it.

Jaxton: "Yay, more bling for my collection!" 

He really needs a makeover, lol. 

This handsome fellow is Skyler Arredondo. Not to be outdone by her sister in the game of love, Bell introduces herself. 

More friends for Nick's club! The little girl is Hayden something, and she's also very cute. 

Look at all the blondies! Nick, Elsa something (she's SO cute), and cousin Leticia. Nick is just having a field day at the park. He might not have the social aspiration, but he's a little charmer nonetheless. 

Remember how Silas had kids with another lady before getting with Tag? This is one of them! I forget his name, but he really doesn't look anything like Silas. I'm beginning to think that sim just made up a story for child support, rofl. 

Judy's been working on her Chief of Mischief aspiration. She needs to be enemies with two sims. First up is Adriel Granger, he of the silly mustache.

Judy: "Your mustache is HIDEOUS." 

Adriel: "*gasp* How dare you?!" 

I will leave you with this picture of Judy making fun of victim #2. But she successfully made two enemies, not that I had any doubt. Until next time! 

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